Mountain Tattoo!

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Mountain tattoos represent hurdles in life that must be overcome. Usually, mountain tattoos are partnered with trees as in real life.

love simple symbols like this they make the best tattoos!!:

Additional Glyphs

I love that the autumn glyph looks similar to the libra symbol. That would be a nice tattoo idea

Thin linework wave - right up your alley Alex!!

My first tattoo :) Tritoan Ly, Auckland NZ

Lines, broken and unbroken

Tattoo picture "Armband Tattoo" is one of tattoo ideas listed in the Arm Tattoos category. Feel free to browse other tattoo ideas in the related or other c

boat and waves tattoo - Google Search

i like the concept of incorporating a rip curl on my right arm when i get the black fill in.

The power of U N I T Y 1LUV

I like the idea of the same pattern but upside down. Would be an awesome best friend tattoo idea.

Map tattoo - I'd like to use this colour for my sunflower tattoo, so it's less obvious.

25 of the Best Travel Tattoos in the Entire World ...

Brown ink world map tattoo.this would be awesome with your home state! I would do Colorado! Then I wouldn't get in trouble for getting a tattoo because it looks like a birthmark! :-) love the brown ink

Amazing tattoo  artist: @sashakiseleva #inkcommunity #tattoos #ink check @inspirationtattoo

Biggest Tatto Gallery - Great black bear with trees tattoo idea on the sleeve - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

Mountain Tattoo!! Wonder if you could do it closer to a Blue Ridge Mountain style

65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos. Not saying I'm getting a tattoo necessarily, just looking at cute ideas.