(Open RP! Be the guy! Romance, please!) I walk down the long staircase into the ballroom as the gathered crowd cheers. I was the princess-- excuse me; queen-- of the country of Farahlith. I was just coronated, as have now entered the ballroom for the dance, as is customary. Once I reach the bottom of the staircase and push through the crowd, hoping to blend in so I don't get any attention. Suddenly, I slam into someone. A hand grabs me so I don't fall. I look up, almost bumping my head on a…

Beautiful dress Cover Artist magnus creative - The Captive Maiden (YA Romance Fairy Tales, by Melanie Dickerson.


lucy-corsetry: “ sarena-babaroga: “ Blanka Matragi - Story of the dress - ” I love how they show the initial concept to the realization!