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I saw a spider

LOL. Look at this

undertale, sans, undertalesans, gaster, undertalegaster>>> I don't blame sans.

LOL!!! :)

LOL!!! :)

Sans and Frisk - that's one thing about Frisk. You can never tell if they have their eyes open

When I first played the game, I waited ten minutes coz I thought she was still unconscious, and the screen had frozeb

undertale, sans, papyrus, chara, gaster

I'm playing genocide run and at this point Sans is the only one who can me feel things

Undertale, Gaster, Sans

Undertale Gaster and Sans {I love that he smooshes down into an amorphous blob during his panic attack there

Not completely out of left field... I like it! But what Human would he have fussed with? Not Chara as Asriel takes their soul, nor is it one of the 6 souls as their souls are all accounted for in the end... So who?

I guess I'm going to dig a little bit deeper and find some W. Gaster info>> That. I accept this theory

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Frisk labels the stereotypical characters, Sans Papyrus Toriel Undyne Mettaton Alphys Asgore

papyrus, sans, undertale, undertag, funny Papyrus its just a magic trick

Frisk :: Sans :: Undertale персонажи :: Undertale :: Undertale комикс…<<<T-That did not go as planned