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Folding bed sheets

And to think I've gone all my life wondering how to fold fitted sheets neatly! 4 Ways to Fold Bed-sheets

Faux Painting 101: Crumple a rag, then roll it into a worm-like shape. Roll it down the painted or glazed wall surface for a subtle faux effect. For more drama, try adding the paint or glaze onto the rag itself before rolling on the wall. (Note: In this photo, shale blue was rag-rolled on top of a Baltic green base, then antique glaze was sponge-rolled over both.)

Faux Painting 101: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiring Ideas for Faux Finishes

Crate shoe storage We could probably do the wall beside sky's closet like this to help her keep her shoes up off the ground and organized. Interesting way to organize shoes. It would look good if we did the pallet wall accent in her room thoughts?

If you run out of sheets for your wet/dry mops, just dampen an inside-out sock with cleaning solution, stretch it around the mop head and use it as you ordinarily would, Unlimited Life Hacks recommends

Bizarre cleaning hacks that will change your life

christmas window decorations ideas | Christmas Window Decoration | Great Ideas!

Holiday Window Copycat - Levolor Blinds on Sale

Christmas window decor- thinking bigger ornaments and hanging from kitchen window. Use a tension rod/shower rod covered in carland and hang big and little ornaments

Ako si prevoňať a vyčistiť byt a spotrebiče bez chémie

As the smells and clean apartment and appliances without chemicals

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love this for the tooth brushes - this is an annoying problem solved.Genius III Elephant Cutlery Drainer by Peleg - his trunk directs the runoff water back into the sink!

Jak vylepšit sklenku

DYI home decor crafts - colourful painted vases. Perfect for giving your living room a bright happy feeling! | 23 užitočných riešení pre využitie úložného priestoru a skladovanie predmetov v domácnosti

23 užitočných riešení pre využitie úložného priestoru a skladovanie predmetov v domácnosti

10 DIY Budget Friendly Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas to help you kick Kitchen clutter to the curb! DIY pantry, cupboard and drawer organization tips!

Something you vintage cameras for decoration. i'm a wedding photographer with a love for anything vintage - especially cameras! would love to mix some into the decor as a personal touch!

NÁPADY NA DEKORACI – 7 způsobů jak dotvořit balkonovou zeď.  Podívejte se na tyto nápady na dotvoření vaši balkonové zdi. Ukážeme vám že stačí pouhá zeleň, nebo netradiční barva a můžete se v prostoru cítit podle vašich představ...  #balkon #balcony #design #home #living

NÁPADY NA DEKORACI - jak dotvořit balkónovou zeď

How To Make Your Balcony Awesome For Summer // The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. It's time to make sure your balcony is summer ready! So we've put together some items to help you achieve the ultimate balcony.

Un pequeño truco para decorar ventanas con encaje

Un pequeño truco para decorar ventanas con encaje

Use cornstarch and water to apply cloth lace to windows privacy, but lots of light! Great for renters, because it comes right off with warm water!

Stained glass can take a simple door layout and make it elegant. Although many people commonly associate stained glass windows with churches or traditional cottages, they can in fact add brightness and beauty to any house or apartment. Unlike standard glass windows, stained glass offers a non-traditional look and can help provide visual interest in …

I had no idea this was even possible--DIY stained glass! You have to see this…

Idei noi de ghivece si trucuri pe care trebuie sa le stii despre ingrjirea plantelor

USA Garden Company – Home Very fun vertical gardening box! - No instructions - Gardening Rush