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Una Tela Adiction: Shibori

I have just returned from a Contemporary Quilt "Winter School" weekend - 2 days with Janice Gunner learning all about Shibori and dyeing wit.

shibori before the reveal!

(((tied and dyed))) Hard to decide which board to put this on.so tactile and yet this CERULIAN.what a powerful blue, the wild blue yonder and such a feelable piece.

Art Threads: Monday Project - Shibori Dyeing

Well, it& Week 2 (see here for Week 1 ) of my complex cloth project and I decided what to do with two of my fabrics for a second step.

Boshi shibori | Blog Tezukuri

Boshi Shibori

Boshi Shibori - ready for the vat When a motif is outlined with stitches, the threads are then drawn up and knotted, and finally capped with plastic, it’s called Bōshi Shibori – or capped shibori

shibori scarf tezukuri 02

Waterfall scarf

Not long ago, I was asked to commission a special scarf. A nice man, wanted to give a surprise present for his indigo loving wife, so I accepted the challenge straight away. Partly because it is su…

These are shibori techniques by Suzusan. They have been twisted, pressed and dyes to create unique pieces for customers. Shibori was originally done on simple fabrics such as cottons and silks but has now been moved on to leathers and metals. When treated in the right way, this technique can create 3D objects from heat setting formulas to just leaving the fabric with bands on to hold it in place.

I wanted to share these stunning designs with you by Hiroyuki Murase: Suzusan. The Murase family has been hand-adorning fabrics using traditional and complex techniques for over 100 years.

This is sample 2 with the thread gathered. before mordanting fabric.

This is sample 2 with the thread gathered. before mordanting fabric.

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itajime package made by Ri in All Blues Indigo Shibori workshop conducted by Susan Fell Mclean for Byron Community College Sept 2015 Más

「maki-nui shibori」の画像検索結果

「maki-nui shibori」の画像検索結果


New Shibori Patterns

Just as I came back from holidays from a big adventure on a boat, I found myself packing again. I came back home for a great birthday onsen-style-celebration, and the next day I was sewing the hour.