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modern surrealismus by Nancy Fouts

British artist Nancy Fouts creates amazing juxtrapositions that combine unexpected objects, materials, and ideas to create playful and surreal images. Her site doesn't say whether these objects are shown as sculptures or photographs but either would work

Nancy Fouts

Things are Different in the World of Nancy Fouts

Provocative Artworks by Nancy Fouts – Fubiz Media

Eye in the Police Whistle by: Nancy Fouts

eye whistle by Nancy Fouts


Surreal Sculptures by Nancy Fouts

40 Sculptures By Nancy Fouts

Nancy Fouts. Very simple but I like it.

40 Sculptures By Nancy Fouts

American-born Nancy Fouts has lived London most of her life pursuing a career in advertising. Despite her commercial success, Fouts has retained a fine art

Surreal, Paradoxical Mash-Ups Of Everyday Objects Give Them New Meanings - DesignTAXI.com

London-based artist Nancy Fout has put together a collection of odd, paradoxical mash-ups of two totally unrelated objects.

La Boheme

American artist Nancy Fouts created these refreshing humorous sculptures. Everyday objects, animals or symbols are being rearranged to change its original character

Nancy Fouts

Nancy Fouts

Nancy Fouts

Surreal Sculptures by Nancy Fouts

Black*Eiffel: Tree photographs

“Tree,” South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee – Photographs of Outdoor Trees Framed by Giant White Canvases

Un Astronauta Blog! Diseño, arte & fotografía

Nancy Fouts tra significato e ironia

© Nancy Fouts

Nancy Fouts

Nancy Fouts Jesus with Wings

‘It’s not deep, but it is entertaining and it makes people smile!’ - Bizzare emKAY

Clever Hidden Meanings in Miniature Sculptures

Creative Photography by Chema Madoz

melting gift-freeze a gift inside ice.

Artist Nancy Fouts....In Butterfly Dart, the flight of a dart is crafted from the delicate wings of a butterfly, transforming an everyday object into a thing of fantasy. The exhibition, Un-think,

In pictures: It bites

Nancy Fouts, Butterfly Dart dart, butterfly wings, presented in glass dome. 19 x 12 x 12 cm

Butterfly dart!

Surreal Sculptures by Nancy Fouts