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ROFL, this is funny Weird animals errmigawd

22 strange animals--the naked mole rat on Kim possible=much cuter. I laughed so hard at the blob fish. It's just amazing how vast creation can be--all creatures great and small, weird and wonderful, the Good Lord made them all.

Napping mouse.

Napping mouse.

Those big lemur eyes that scream, "I love you!" and "I'll eat your face!" at the same time.

Little Loris Twins Born a Duke Lemur Center

Poirot bunny @Carolyn Rafaelian Scott-Patterson @cheryl ng Scott

grate detective bun is on ur case


Bear cub removed from woods in Southern Oregon who spent nights at home with an Oregon Zoo keeper was sent to new home at a Wisconsin zoo. While this story has a "happy ending," please leave wildlife in the wild! ~Photo by Oregon Zoo

I think I bit off more...

this is how I look 30 seconds before the bell rings.

Ardwolf is a small relative to the hyena and it's diet is comprised of termites. They are nocturnal and live as monogamous pairs in burrows underground.

The aardwolf is a small, insectivorous mammal, native to East Africa and Southern Africa. Its name means "earth wolf" in the Afrikaans / Dutch language. Wikipedia Scientific name: Proteles cristata

Dis One Pwease by =Berryness on deviantART

Reminds me of that book, The Little Mouse, the Big Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear.

More alpaca/llama love

More alpaca/llama love