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Wabi-Sabi - Jungle Abstractions

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According to Japanese traditional aesthetics, Wabi-Sabi is a concept that conveys a very deep principle of existence, based on the recognition of the ephemeral, transient and imperfect beauty. Beauty seen through asymmetry, simplicity and economy, rough edges and neutrality.
Many zen temples had been constructed using the Wabi-Sabi principles, as well as Japanese tea houses and ceremonial tea items such as pottery and cutlery, and the simple elegance of them is absolutely striking and inspiering.
With this inspiration in mind, and the love for inky rough strokes and edges, I've created a collection for the sake of remembering and appreciating again the minimal, the simple and the grounded essential tones of natural objects and lines, and the rough spontaneity of nature.
In this collection you will find:
Alphabet - uppercase designs, lowercase designs and ampersand
23 premade shapes & designs that you can add to your own letters or simply use them to create backgrounds, logo elements and whatever your imagination can fantom
12 premade backgrounds
3 patterns each with png and jpeg version included.
Any questions, please don't be afraid to ask, but please keep in mind that I am travelling at the moment and many times I might be disconnected, I will answer all your questions though as soon as I get a chance! Thank you again for supporting my work and my vision, your love and encouragement mean the world to me!
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