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The sheep building. A wool shop in Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand. You can't miss Tirau – just look for the large corrugated iron buildings constructed to look like a sheep and a dog. This town is a little quirky!

pinterest hamptons long island duck building | Duck house | Houses????? | Pinterest

Duck House, Flanders, New York, USA: The Big Duck was built by a duck farmer Martin Maurer in 1931 on busy Main Street in the town of Riverhead on Long Island, New York.

Polka dot House, from Life magazine, April, 1952.  The house was the work of Emery Jernquist, who had painted his Warwick, RI house black, but then decided it looked too somber.

Polka-dotted house - Life magazine April The house is the work of Emery Jernquist, who had painted his Warwick house black, but then decided it looked too somber. So he decorated its walls and white chimney with bright-colored polka dots.

The most badass Tree House I've ever seen.

A tree house? a boathouse? or just a bit of a strange house? it's actually a treehouse designed by Daniels Woodland and called the Scallywag Sloop Pirate Club House

House of Gnomes?  www.efteling.com

Living in a Fairytale: The World’s 25 "Kabouterhuis" A house for gnomes from "Most Magical Storybook Cottage Homes"

10 Whimsical Upside-Down Houses- yes i thought this was fake but someone actually lives here!

10 Whimsical Upside-Down Houses

Amazing House - Reserved House > Located in Trassenheide, Germany, this upside-down house built by Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk Klaudiusz.

Dubai - Wolkenkrabber

Some Bizzare and Odd things around us… Skyscraper-Crescent Crescent Moon Tower (Dubai).

I would totally travel all the way to Dubai just to see their modern/futuristic buildings and bridges, quite amazing!

The Dubai Towers. Dubai, a province of the United Arab Emirates, has been described as the ideal dream world of neo-liberalism, the place where capitalism is allowed to flourish without the least .

Victor Enrich ❤️

Architectural photographer Victor Enrich makes these impossible buildings using a combination of photography, digital retouching and graphics.