John Lautner was a California based architect that built very inspiring public buildings and private residences. The Walstrom house was constructed in 1969 into the side of a hill in the Santa Monica mountains just outside of Los Angeles. My main interest in this home is of course the use of wood, but also the asymmetrical structure.

This is the Walstrom House by California-based architect, John Lautner. Even though I would not classify this as a library per se, I find the design of the bookshelves in the open area floorplan as a unique twist to a reading space.

sunk living room with blue cushions

Had a sunken living room growing up with a huge grand piano in it and a fireplace and speakers that blared out Elvis and The Beach Boys. I basically want my whole house to be sunken.

midcentury modern sunken living room interior design 60s 70s

sunken lounge, Practical Encylopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, 1970

Leigh's Sanctuary

The yellow tile in this kitchen, spotted on Dry Dock Shop, may not be something that modern homeowners are eager to repeat, but I'd take a two-story window well above my sink any day.

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Midcentury modern book shelf

Mid-Century Modern split-level living, as featured in 1956 edition of Better Homes Gardens Decorating Book