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send this game home to make spelling homework a bit more fun

Tic Tac Toe Spelling Homework – One unique & clever way to make homework more interesting while training young students to make decisions

Scot McKnight on Jesus and orthodox faith in the 21st century

For the Teachers

Routines and Transitions alternatives to traditional homework Even at the college level, these homework alternatives make a lot of sense in a language classroom. I am beginning to really re-think all my ideas about homework.

Didn't have the homework, forgot to do it. May change this u to match the theme of my classroom - but will still leave the background color pink.

this can go inside of the binder for no homework Pink Slip - For students who don't have homework.

Write brain breaks on colored craft sticks, and let a student choose one when your class needs a mental break! Get your kiddos up and moving!

Idea for Brownie Dance Badge: For a "surprise" movement/dance when you need something to fill time. Would be easy to put in a can and have a student pick one out. Use rhythm patterns for student to clap, or sing intervals, or name tempo markings, etc.

Groups Acronym Poster! Great way for students to know the expectations of the teacher!- Meredith Kjelland

Teaching With a Mountain View

GROUPS Acronym Poster for Classroom Management. The "Original" GROUPS Poster! I might implement this classroom management idea!

Homework checking made easy.  I keep mine on a clipboard.  This is great.  I'm going to set this up for next years' class.

SMILE BREAKS ON YHIS PAGE AND PRAYERS along with---Homework checking made easy. I keep mine on a clipboard. I'm going to set this up for next years' class. I am the worst at checking homework!

classroom chart what to ask yourself instead of saying I don't ...

Phrases kids can use instead of "I don't know." These sayings are helpful in encouraging a growth mindset in the classroom.