an office desk with two bookshelves attached to it
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Shelf element, ele. Box, office shelf, table accessories, helpers, cleverly stowed away (2,9cm or 3,5cm slot width)

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ele.Box - hang up, let go, give in The clever organizer on your shelf, your desk, your wall board, ... The ele.Box loosens up the look of your furniture and helps you to have important things always at hand. You can also turn the ele.Box over and use it as a shelf and newspaper holder. Or you simply take the ele.Box with you and carry your important things from one place to another. The small but fine home accessory is an eye-catcher with purpose and function. The box has a slot width of 29mm.
Recently there is the ele.Box with a slot width of 35mm. That means it can also be hung in thicker tabletops.
New delivery is in progress!
The silver shade is a silver metallic shade.
Unfortunately, I had to adjust the prices because the metal prices have doubled.
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