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Víťazné fotky z World Press Photo 2015.

World Press Photo: 2015 Photo Contest Winners Photographer: Yongzhi Chu, China Location: Suzhou, Anhui Province, China About the picture: A monkey being trained for the circus cowers as its trainer approaches.

Balancing Act 1967 ~Repinned via Anita (Elphie) Johnson http://creepingirrelevance.tumblr.com/post/21987468685/balancing-act-1967

please stop the abuse of circus animals by boycotting current circuses that use animals in their acts

2015, Portraits	, 3rd prize	singles	, Lisa Krantz Disco girl San Antonio, Texas, USA Amorie West, 8, adjusts her gloves for a Halloween party at her housing complex.

Young girl adjusting her costume for Halloween party by Lisa Krantz —Worldpress photo award

PLEASE SIGN & SHARE WIDELY THIS PETITION  ➨http://www.change.org/petitions/don-t-hoist-bind-and-starve-bulls-for-superstition HERE AGAIN OUR FRIENDS THE CHINESE WITH THEIR PATHETIC "CULTURE TRADITIONS" TOWARD ANIMALS..  Horrifying moment a live bull is hung from a tree until it dies for Chinese 'luck' festival! Picture:Horrifying: In front of families and young children the bull is hauled up and hanged until it dies slowly..slowly !

I fail to see how enjoying killing and participating in killing a beautiful animal warrants luck. Absolutely inhumane and disgusting! Pictured: Horrifying moment a live bull is hung from a tree until it dies for Chinese 'luck' festival

I  #Massmedia    dovrebbero utilizzare le parole corrette per non  #ingannare    le persone! Il fenomeno dell'  #immigrazione    non è nè un fatto improvviso, nè temporaneo e dunque non può dirsi #emergenza

June Refugees crowd on board a boat some 25 kilometers from the Libyan coast, prior to being rescued by an Italian naval frigate working as part of Operation Mare Nostrum (OMN). World Press.