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5 Planý ošetrovateľskej Péče pankreatitída

8+ Pancreatitis Nursing Care Plans

Pancreatitis is a painful inflammatory condition in which the pancreatic enzymes are prematurely activated resulting in autodigestion of the pancreas.

3 Hemodialysis Nursing Care Plans

3 Hemodialysis Nursing Care Plans

Learn more about hemodialysis with these 3 Hemodialysis Nursing Care Plan (NCP).

3 Placenta Previa Nursing Care Plans

3 Placenta Previa Nursing Care Plans

Placenta praevia (placenta previa AE) is an obstetric complication in which the placenta is attached to the uterine wall close to or covering the cervix. Here are 3 nursing care plans for placenta previa

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3 Hemothorax and Pneumothorax Nursing Care Plans

Pleural effusion is an accumulation of fluid in the pleural space. Here are 6 pleural effusion nursing care plans (NCP).

4 Urolithiasis (Renal Calculi) Nursing Care Plans

Kidney stones (calculi) are formed of mineral deposits, most commonly calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate; however, uric acid, struvite, and cystine are also calculus formers.

3 Glaucoma Nursing Care Plans

3 Glaucoma Nursing Care Plans

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2 Subtotal Gastrectomy Nursing Care Plan - Nurseslabs

2 Subtotal Gastrectomy Nursing Care Plan

Subtotal gastrectomy or gastric resection is indicated for gastric hemorrhage/intractable ulcers, dysfunctional lower esophageal sphincter, pyloric obstruction, perforation, cancer.

8 Liver Cirrhosis Nursing Care Plans

8 Liver Cirrhosis (Hepatic Cirrhosis) Nursing Care Plans

Read the liver cirrhosis nursing care plans (NCP) in this post. Causes of fatty liver or hepatic cirrhosis include history of alcoholism.

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7 Hepatitis Nursing Care Plans

Hepatitis is a widespread inflammation of the liver that results in degeneration and necrosis of liver cells.

Salutem Natura: Cannabis y pulmones

20 million people in the United Stated have asthma, a chronic respiratory disease that makes it impossible for them to take breathing for granted.