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Color Kid.

- Superdickery - Justice League comes out next month.

Vintage comic book spinner. I haven't seen one of these in so long I'd probably embarrass myself by hugging it.

Every drug store had comic books!I spent many hours reading comic books in our small town drug store while sipping a 10 cent fountain coke and eating a 5 cent cone of maple nut ice cream while waiting for Daddy to get off work after my piano lesson.

Remember these?

Retro color wheel for the aluminum Christmas tree! (We had the tree and wheel my mother had growing up. I hated it and wanted a REAL tree :-) What I'd give to have one of the aluminum trees and a color wheel, now!

this was like gold to me when I was little, I always had to use the cheap ones

Crayola Crayons - remember "Prussian blue" and "spring green"?the 64 box. I remember opening it and marveling at all the colors. The wonderful sharpener. Even now, when I open a new box of crayons the happy memories just flood back and I smile.

Fun with Dick and Jane Basic reader book 1951 by ViseralEphemera  ... My Catholic school never had new books, so this was probably the one I learned to read in/on/with about 1953 or 1954.

Vintage First Grade Reader.Guess this means I'm "vintage" since I remember these books well!

You had to have them to be cool. Remember using clothes pins to attach playing cards to the spokes?

Bike Handle Streamers---LOVED these! Streamers on the handle grips plus a baseball card on the wheel spokes, COOL!

HI-C  juice drinks in cans

Big red drink mustaches everywhere. We were not allowed to have this. My parents were very granola.

ART SKOOL DAMAGE : Christian Montone: Old Maid #History

Old Maid card game.I remember that face! This is exactly the Old Maid deck I had as a kid.no kidding! I was afraid of the Old Maid card!