Explore Ikea Lack Side Table, Ikea Coffee Table, and more!


NIPPRIG 2015 Floor cushion IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.


LANTLIV Floreira, branco

IKEA LANTLIV Plant stand White 68 cm A plant stand makes it possible to decorate with plants everywhere in the home.

Cortinados e estores - Cortinados & Painéis - IKEA

IKEA - MERETE, Curtains, 1 pair, , The thick curtains darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room.The eyelet heading

KAUSTBY Cadeira IKEA O pinho maciço é um material natural que envelhece bem e que ganha um caráter único ao longo do tempo. 39,99 euros

KAUSTBY Cadeira, acabamento envelhecido

IKEA KAUSTBY Chair Brown-black Solid pine is a natural material which ages beautifully and gains its own unique character over time.


DRAGGAN Carrello, color argento

Or cheaper for bathroom? IKEA - DRAGGAN, Cart, silver color, , Easy to move around with the included casters.

POÄNG Poltrona - Glose avorio - IKEA

POÄNG Poltrona, impiallacciatura di betulla, Robust Glose avorio

IKEA - POÄNG, Armchair, Edum pink , Layer-glued bent birch frame gives comfortable resilience.To sit even more comfortably and relaxed, you can use the armchair together with a POÄNG ottoman.

PAX Guardaroba - 200x60x201 cm, cerniera per chiusura ammortizzata - IKEA

PAX Guardaroba, bianco, Flisberget beige chiaro

Discover the IKEA PAX wardrobe series. Design your own PAX wardrobe inside and out, from door styles, to shelves, to interior organizers and more.

IKEA - IKEA PS, Armario, blanco, , Salida para cables en la parte inferior: recoge todos los cables en el mismo lugar.Las puertas tienen cerradura, para que puedas poner tus objetos más valiosos a buen recaudo.Patas altas que facilitan la limpieza.

IKEA PS Armario, blanco

IKEA - IKEA PS, TV Cabinet, white, , A cord outlet underneath makes it easy to gather all cords in one place.The doors are lockable so you can keep those things you want to take extra care of safe.Tall legs make cleaning easy.

BAROMETER Candeeiro de pé/leitura IKEA Braço e cabeça reguláveis para um fácil direcionamento da luz. Oferece uma iluminação direta, ideal para ler.

BAROMETER Candeeiro de pé/leitura, niquelado

IKEA BAROMETER Floor/reading lamp Nickel-plated You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.