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Spríjemnite si sviatok všetkých zamilovaných dvadsiatimi najlepšími romantickými filmami minulého 20. storočia

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Cowgirls - Images | David Stoecklein

THE COWGIRL "One day she'll look back and recall the role she played thankful for the blessings shared and every choice she made." Bernard Price Photograph of my daughter Tiffany Wagner photo by David Stocklein

Norwegian Fjord horse being ridden bear back, shoeless, and bridle less!!!

Bareback and bridless is such an experience and beautiful to watch ("Super Guus" the Norwegian Fjord horse).

Did you know Jamie Foxx rode his own horse, Tony, in Django Unchained?

“Django Unchained”: Put-On, Revenge, and the Aesthetics of Trash

QT fun fact: Django Unchained-Jamie Foxx used his own horse, Cheetah, in the movie.