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Zdravotna poistovna - Branches addresses

Zdravotna poistovna - Branches addresses

Zdravotna poistovna  - Branches Addresses

Zdravotna poistovna - Branches Addresses

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She left being a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader to serve her Country as a US Army Officer! What real women will do \ ps is it me or is she hotter in uniform then a cheerleader outfit

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See, his buddy gave his all. He misses his buddy, but understands his buddy's fight. If you can understand that, show respect.

Thank you, Sir, and your family for your service and sacrifices for our Country, for all of us. God Bless. #NeverForget

This is true Love. Sent to WWII only months after getting married, separated for 40 months, wounded in Iwo Jima, married for 71 years. Ruth Todd kisses her "lovey" William goodbye.

The Give Daily Sacrifices ~ Please Give Prayer Daily https://twitter.com/NeilVenketramen

A Light Infantry mortar-man attempting to momentarily relieve his load. Along with the standard 75 lbs of combat ready equipment (minus his weapon and ammo) he must also carry the mortar base plate and at least 4 mortar rounds. His buddy would be carrying

Kinda sad

haha this is so true :). my hubby is an infantry officer :) and he does tell me he can fall asleep any where and use anything for a pillow lol

Parris Island: Once a Recruit, Always a Marine

Parris Island: Once a Recruit, Always a Marine

Here, for the first time, author and former Parris Island drill-instructor Eugene Alvarez records the training and tough physical and mental challenges that hav