KNODD Nádoba s vrchnákom - biela, 16 l - IKEA

KNODD Nádoba s vrchnákom, biela

Indoor 16 Litre Waste Bin with Lid, White - Steel Epoxy Powder Coated

IKEA - KNODD, Caixote c/tampa, cinz, 16 l, , Fácil de encher e esvaziar, já que pode prender a tampa no rebordo do caixote.Pode utilizar em todas as divisões da casa, mesmo em zonas húmidas como a casa de banho e varandas fechadas.

KNODD Caixote c/tampa, cinz

IKEA KNODD Bin with lid Grey 16 l Easy to fill up and empty as you can secure the lid on the edge of the bin.

IKEA PS 2014 Tavolo/contenitore - bianco - IKEA

IKEA - IKEA PS Storage table , Versatile and space saving because the trays stack and form a table with storage possibilities.The trays have different depths so you can use them to serve or store different types of thingsThe included plastic fe

INGOLF Banco alto c/encosto - branco, 63 cm  - IKEA

INGOLF Banco alto c/encosto, branco

IKEA - INGOLF, Bar stool with backrest, 29 ", , Footrest for extra sitting comfort. Could paint in a color of the dining room!


LINNMON/FINNVARD Table IKEA You can choose a flat or tilted table top, which is good for writing, painting or drawing, by adjusting the trestle.

UPPHETTA Bule p/fazer café/chá - IKEA

UPPHETTA Bule p/fazer café/chá, vidro, aço inoxidável

IKEA UPPHETTA Coffee/tea maker Glass/stainless steel 1 l Pour hot water over ground coffee beans or tea leaves, push down the strainer and serve straight.

IKEA - IMMELN, Acess p/artigos duche, 2 andares, Em aço zincado duradouro e resistente à ferrugem.

IMMELN Acess p/artigos duche, 2 andares, zincado

IMMELN Shower hanger, two tiers IKEA Made of zink-plated steel which is durable and rust resistant.

ORDNING キッチン用品ラック IKEA 高さがあるので、大きめのキッチン用品にも使えます

Ordning キッチン用品ラック, ステンレススチール

IKEA - ORDNING, Kitchen utensil rack, Suitable for larger kitchen utensils since it is higher than a flatware stand.

KNODD Bin With Lid, White - contemporary - utility tubs - by IKEA

KNODD Bin With Lid, White contemporary utility tubs