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IKEA - FÖRTJUST, Svietnik, Dve funkcie: svietnik sa hodí na normálne i čajové sviečky.

IKEA SKURAR Lantern for block candle White 22 cm The warm light from the candle shines decoratively through the lace pattern on the lantern.

ROTERA Lanterne  - IKEA

ROTERA Lanterne, acier zingué intérieur/extérieur acier zingué

ROTERA Lantern for tealight, galvanized indoor/outdoor galvanized - IKEA

SKURAR Kerzen-/Dekoschale - IKEA

SKURAR Kerzen-/Dekoschale, weiß

IKEA SKURAR Candle dish White 18 cm The candle dish stands steady because it has soft plastic feet.

RIBBA Rahmen - 13x18 cm  - IKEA Für die getränkekarten bzww whiskyauswahl an der bar

IKEA - RIBBA, Frame, aluminum color, , The mat enhances the picture and makes framing easy. will not discolor the picture.Can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit in the space available.

FÖRSÖKA Blockkerze, duftend IKEA

FÖRSÖKA Scented block candle - IKEA using small items like candles as the accessories of the room that have a variety of colour helps the cost of the project

Mariage pastel en provence / photographe Elena Fleutiaux /

Un mariage pastel en provence

SKURAR Kerzenhalter - IKEAin grün

IKEA - SKURAR, Candle holder, The warm light from the candle shines decoratively through the lace pattern on the candle holder.Can be used with small tealights, large tealights and SINNLIG candle in glass.

Tischlichter "Schmetterling", weiß, 5 St. - weißes Tischlicht

Tischlichter "Schmetterling", weiß, 5 St

Tischlichter "Schmetterling", weiß, 5 St. - weißes Tischlicht

TIDSENLIG Bougie parfumée dans verre IKEA Lorsque la bougie s'est entièrement consumée, la coupelle peut être utilisée comme photophore....

TIDSENLIG Scented candle in glass IKEA When the candle has burned itself out the cup can be used as a tealight holder.

VACKERT Deko für Kerze im Glas  - IKEA

VACKERT Decoration for candle in glass IKEA The shiny metal decorative holder has a pattern that creates an exciting accent in the room.