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16 Year Old Aspiring Photographer Will Make You Travel the World Right Now Sixteen year old aspiring landscape photographer Jannik Obenhoff hails from Germany, a country where you can find the beauty.

Carpets of ferns.

Redwood Forest, Humboldt County, California photo via isabel. This is what I miss about California. They just don't have forests like that out here.

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Post with 63 votes and 1622 views. Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

“Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions and by the strength with which you faced the challenges which stood in your way. The universe is vast and we are so small. There is really only one thing we can ever truly control--whether we are good or evil.” ― Oma de Sala

Three Rivers Deep

When I think of places that are associated with Transcendentalism, I think of places like the woods. Just areas with no cities around that are full of places to explore. The forest is just a great place to lose yourself in nature.