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Inflame your hearts

Inflame your hearts

My two favorite things in one picture! Adidas and Clouds! #bittersweet

Dog Posts on

Cause I love photography, Black and white photographs, and of course my Adidas!

January 2015: CHELSEA FC Trophy Timeline

Chelsea FC Infographs: Chelsea Football Club, one of the various London clubs in the Premier League, also one of the most successful clubs in England in the past 10 years.

NHL Logo Design - Infographics - 1

NHL Logo Design - Infographics - the only team that's stuck with one. (And loseapeg doesn't count because they moved from Atlanta and changed the logo and didn't go back to the original Jets logo)

Lords of the Stanley Cup. LOL at 2 years without a Stanley Cup being the Spanish Influenza outbreak in 1919...and then the lockout in 2005.

Lords of the Stanley Cup [INFOGRAPHIC] This is a few years out of date (Hawks now have but is still cool