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A juvenile gentoo penguin with an adult on the Antarctic peninsula. Photograph: Paul Goldstein/Exodus / Rex Feat/Paul Goldstein/Exodus

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Week in Wildlife: Juvenile Gentoo penguin demands food, Antarctic Peninsula - 2011 they're saying "come at me bro!

Gentoo Penguin (pygoscelis Papua) Photograph - Gentoo Penguin (pygoscelis Papua) Fine Art Print - Elliott Neep

Gentoo Penguin (pygoscelis Papua) Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Elliott Neep

Penguins ペンギン (jp) Pinguin (de) penguin (en) 펭귄 새 (kr) manchot (fr) pinguino (it) pingvin (se) pinguim (pt)葡 pingüino (es)西 pinguïn (nl)荷

Gentoo Penguin.  (KO) Sorry junior, you're never gonna get it off the ground. | Its soooooooo cute!!!

Gentoo Penguin - Gentoo Penguin Fast Facts~ Type: Bird Diet: Carnivore Average life span in the wild: 15 to 20 years Size: 30 in cm) Weight: 12 lbs kg)

With flamboyant red-orange beaks, white-feather caps, and peach-colored feet, gentoo penguins stand out against their drab, rock-strewn Antarctic habitat. These charismatic waddlers, who populate the Antarctic Peninsula and numerous islands around the frozen continent, are the penguin world’s third largest members, reaching a height of 30 inches (76 centimeters) and a weight of 12 pounds (5.5 kilograms).

Fb_Things to admire_An adult gentoo penguin makes as many as 450 dives a day foraging for food

h4ilstorm: Gentoo Penguin (by Jean-François Hic) - mooi on imgfave

Flapping his wings. This adorable Gentoo penguin looks ready to jump for joy. Photo by Jean-François Hic.

Gentoo penguins. Photography by The Wandering Fowl via flickr.

Gentoo Penguins- The long-tailed Gentoo penguin, Pygoscelis papua, is a penguin species in the genus Pygoscelis, most closely associated with the Adélie penguin and the Chinstrap penguin

AWWWW!!! And the one on the left, him's shaking his tail with escitement!!! Is like a foot pop for penguins!!!!!

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Two Newly Hatched Gentoo Penguin Chicks Getting Their First Glimpse at the Outside World. Port Lockroy, Antaractica by Richard Sidey, smithsonianmag #Penguin

The French Alps

Antarctica: Gentoo Chicks “Two newly hatched Gentoo penguin chicks get their first glimpse at the Antarctic wilderness.” Richard Sidey / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Go to: www.