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Only swimmers understand. This makes sense I HATE breaststroke must time my legs feel like there falling off

Only swimmers understand>> haha yup. I am a breast stroker and I absolutely hate back<< I'm a backstroke r and I HATE HATE HATE breaststroke

When you hear the easy set..it has a catch

19 Hilarious Memes That Will Only Make Sense If You're A Swimmer


People not understanding that just because you're in water doesn't mean you don't get thirsty.

NonSwimmer:"omg you get to see him in a speedo every day???"   Me: ummm yeah and???

Non swimmer-"you get to see him in a speedo everyday!" Yes when seeing guys in speedos is a bad thing

http://3-week-diet.digimkts.com/I need to fit into my dressesTina had such great results with this !My mom actually to me this is a killer diet.

You know, I used to love swimming the 100 fly. I wanted to train for 200 fly and the 400 IM.