Metroid!! Blew the typical stereotype out game heroes out the window!! The dude's a hot SHE!! Ha! Great game!

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Samus Aran hecho enteramente de papel.

TGIF: Escultura de Samus hecha completamente con papel

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Snowboard time, Samus Aran, Metroid series artwork by Rogue Two.

Humor Smash Bros

Pit, no matter how much she looks like it, Samus is not Viridi. Also, anyone else want a Samus Morph-Ball beach ball now.TO KICKSTARTER!

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Metroid Prime 2 - Light Suit (with Time Lapse) by Razputin93 on deviantART

Here is what happens if you don't do thumbnails first. This game would have deserved better. EDIT: Added some post-fx back in I forgot to tu. Metroid Prime 2 - Light Suit (with Time Lapse)