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Led Zeppelin you can argue all you want about who the greatest rock band ever is. The argument ends here because they are the best rock band of all time.

jimmy page (guitarist), robert plant (lead vocalist), john bonham (drums), john paul jones (keyboard)

Page & Plant                                                                                                                                                     Mais

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Robert Plant. Veja também: http://semioticas1.blogspot.com.br/2012/04/na-trilha-do-led-zeppelin.html

The great Robert Plant -- Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time.

led zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin (Clockwise from Bottom Left): Robert Plant, John Bonham, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones

Jimmy Page

I REALLY want to meet Jimmy Page so BADDLY! Jimmy Page - California sunlight sweet Calcutta rain, Honolulu skyline, the song remains the same.

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Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath at Long Island Arena Concert Poster 1971 Concert Poster This artwork is actually for the 1970 French film La vampire nue (The Nude Vampire) by Jean Rollin. So wonder if Black Sabbath got the rights to use it?

Led Zeppelin 1969 bw1 courtesy of Atlantic Records

Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love”

The 40 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time: 'Good Times Bad Times' 1969

♥ Led Zeppelin ♥

If you don't play Led Zeppelin loud enough to wake people on the other side of the equator, then you're doing it wrong!

Date: Circa 1972 | Jimmy Page performing of Led Zeppelin | Robert Plant is also seen in the background.

28 of history's most fascinating photos Jimmy Page Live with Led Zeppelin, circa 1972