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"Hello Sweetie" River Song Companion Flash Print - by Megan Lara and Omega Man 5000

taryndraws: “River Song commission for desperately-nerdy! This was such a fun one, omg ”

This was my favorite episode, and my friend made sure I paid attention to this part, because it explains the show so well.


Doctor cool: thank you peter capaldi for an amazing three seasons. You were the coolest.

River Song (Melody Pond) fanart on Behance by Claudia SG Ianniciello // love this.

Beauty And the beast. But what gets me is Rose. Rose or beauty and the beast? Rose and The Doctor "tale as old as time"

"I am Oswin Oswald. I fought the Daleks and I am human. Run you clever boy. and remember me." ~Oswin ,GAHHH ,THE PAIN, *tear*

Funny pictures about Bow ties. Oh, and cool pics about Bow ties. Also, Bow ties.

Dalek: Records indicate you will show mercy! You are an associate of the Doctor's! River: I'm River Song. Check your records again. River: Say it again? River: One more time. Dalek: Mer-cy-y-y! River: lol no *boom*

11 River/Eleven Fanfics and FanArt (NSFW)