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intrawar: “ Sad, Depressed, People by David Horvitz “A set of found images from a stock library in which people are portrayed holding their heads in their hands. The book explores a bizarre tension.

el grio's paintings of mundane objects via the jealous curator. See his work here:

FORM IDEAS: simple shapes with bold colors, flattened perspective. CONTENT IDEAS: everyday objects, brands drawn in an off brand manner

Cantonese English    via | so interesting and creative

Cantonese - English really nice the "game" with letters. What if we put some design games in the middle of the book that the readers can use after reading?

Hermann Eidenbenz

‘A Good Book’ is a growing index of publications, that stand out with their contents, design or manufacturing quality – curated by Bernd Kuchenbeiser.

Presentation Design Ideas

Presentation Design Ideas

Le graphisme pour mieux comprendre la dyslexie

Dyslexia – guide, posters and prints about dyslexia. Project intends to be a support for dyslexics. Master's thesis by Lukasz A.

Paper made ​​with Somanad Sitthiso Petitjean  in the project on demand Babel  International Festival Poster   and Graphic Design Chaumont.  available and printed on demand on Blurb. Babel on Demand 150 x 230 mm 428 pages 19 Euros  www.

Paper made ​​with Somanad Sitthiso Petitjean in the project on demand Babel…

Cardinal Pölätüo – Stefan Themerson project heart_of_darkness selected

John Morgan studio — Heart of Darkness