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Lilacs - may on the fence in the front. Although they do well in clay soil, they don't like wet feet (standing water). Water thoroughly but infrequently. This forces their roots to grow deep. A general purpose fertilizer twice yearly.


My absolute favorite. My hometown, Spokane, is home to the Lilac Festival.Paris Gardens and David Austin Roses from Garden Photo World: Syringa: New Lilac Collection!

Edible Flowers - Lavender is sweet and floral in flavor, with hints of smoke. When lavender is dried, it releases its most potent fragrance


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I Photographed The Invisible Light That Plants Emit

Photographer Craig Burrows has taken plenty of pictures, however, the ones he took of growing flowers take the cake. In a series of photos, Craig uses ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography to depict a beautiful light around

Forget me nots..One of my favorites..

Forget me nots..One of my favorites..

NEW Freeshipping German imports of potted flowers sedum succulents seed radiation wonderful fleshy seed blue borage

A Bouquet with Himalayan Blue Poppies? The Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia has Himalayan Blue Poppies. The Garden Shop sells the seeds to cultivate Himalayan Blue Poppies. A very exotic flower.

Трихозант cucmerina

This is one of the most incredible flowers I've ever seen! The laciniated petals are surprisingly surreal. This is Trichosanthes cucumerina anguina, the flower of the snake gourd plant unfurling.