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Muscular body, beautiful face and attentive depth in the eyes

This is one fine canine. We lived next door to one. he played with my Shepherd all the time and was a real gentle guy. Interesting for a dog who was bred to hunt lions.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks: the most honest dog breed

Rhodesian Ridgeback, 'God makes the hair around my spine stands up so I need not redo hair-standing when I run into a lion.' Love love love my Rhodesian!

Image result for best images of rhodesian ridgeback

Image result for best images of rhodesian ridgeback

7 Week Old Ridgeback Pup

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Beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is the next dog breed I want! Such cool dogs

Reminds me of my Rhodesian Ridgeback named Rowdy. He was such a great dog - loyal, protective and loving. The perfect hound.

.my best friend ever!

my best friend ever! No doubt! All of my ridgebacks now and those who I miss terribly.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

PяεcɨơųᎦ ᏣαtᎦ αŋɖ ∂ơɠᎦ (Rhodesian ridgeback puppy by Sarune Kairyte)