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Anglická šľachtičná

Anglická šľachtičná

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Gypsy-style leather lace-up top and fabric floor-length skirt with leather-braided belt.

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so beautiful! Lilyxandra is so talented, & her work is just exceptiona. in concept and design. A Better World - Ice Goddess by Lillyxandra

irish medieval dress | Renaissance Dress - Irish Overdress And Underskirt - Custom Size, Colo ...

Renaissance Dress - Irish Overdress And Underskirt - Custom Size, Color - Medieval Costume Gown, Celtic Faire, SCA, LARP

18th century wedding finery.....Reminds me of Juliet Grey's trilogy about Marie Antoinette

Century Wedding dresses ~~ Really? These are wedding dresses? I can't help but wonder.white wasn't really popular until the Victorian era. Are these, perhaps, just white court dresses?


Site has tons of beautiful, inspirational pieces to look at. This is sort of what I imagine for Rachel's dress, except the sleeves aren't that big and it would all be just that shade of red/orange.

Did this as a Christmas present for a friend. It took a WHILE but I think it was worth it. I did a bunch of research and tried out some new techniques in Photoshop. Overall I'm pretty darn pleased ...

Dressing the Tudor Lady Dressing, at least for the upper class was very complicated and often required several ladies in waiting/maids to help dress the women. The lower class was just more 'lets hope this is warm enough for today'