Pralki z wyżymaczka

wash tub stand and wringer - shown with washboard - period laundry tools - break out the octagon soap ~

Reminds me of my Great Grandmother in Graham, TX. She had old wringer washer and always hung out her "wash".Sometimes the clothesline would break and she would have to start all over! RIP Granny and thanks for the memories and love!

I remember my mom and grandmother hanging the clothes outside and propping the clothesline up so the sheets wouldn't touch the ground! Greatest smell in the world to crawl in bes on line dried sheets.

. . .  notice the insulators on top of the clothes line post :)

Washing Tub, Scrub Board, Ringers to get the water out, Clothes Line to hang the laundry up.and using old Electric Caps to hold the clothes line in place LOL what memories this brought back!

Repurposed - would make a great place to store iced pop for picnics - line with tin

Old washboards and crate to make a bin! Would be awesome in the laundry room or living room to store blankets!

Great for teaching kids how clothes were washed before washing machines

Two Rinse Tubs with a hand crank press to squeeze the soap & water out before hanging the clothes on the clothes line to dry.

De wasteilen met de wringer.

New World washing machine. It was made in Erie, Pennsylvania. We're not sure of the date of this model but the wooden portions look very similar to those utilizing wooden tubs that were made by the company in the