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Jasper Johns Paintings | Jasper Johns 'Painting with Two Balls' 1960, Museum of Art ...

Jasper Johns 'Painting with Two Balls' Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born 1930 Began commercial art career in New York producing displays for shop windows. In 1958 Jasper had his first one- exhibition, which turned out to be a success.   By 1970 he composed painting made of clusters of parallel lines he refers to as "crosshatching".  Figure 4 Oil, encaustic and collage on canvas 51.4x 39.4 cm.  Uses strokes of color to create an almost hidden four.

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In the late 1950’s, Jasper Johns (b1931) emerged as force in the American art scene. His richly worked paintings of maps, flags, and targets led the artistic community away from Abstract Expressionism toward a new emphasis on the concrete. Johns laid the groundwork for both Pop Art and Minimalism. Today, as his prints and paintings set record prices at auction, the meanings of his paintings, his imagery, and his changing style continue to be subjects of controversy.

During my Jasper Johns unit, the graders created these fabulous bulls-eye paintings. We created a texture surface to paint on by layeri.

Jasper Johns, Figure 5, 1960 Encaustic paint on canvas and pasted newspaper 183 x 137.5 cm

Jasper Johns - ) Figure 5 (The Large Figure Large Black Five; Black Figure The Big Five) 1960

Jasper Johns - Painting with two Balls, 1971,...

Painting with two Balls by the American painter of Pop Art JASPER JOHNS (born - US Amerikan.

Jasper Johns. Hand. 1963

This is by Jasper Johns and is called hands, made in I like the simplicity of this one. The artist has used his or someone else's hands with ink or acrylic on and smeared it across a canvas and it reminds me of a baby's first hand print.