ArtStation - 2D works during the period 2013-2016 adobe photoshop, Xiaojian liu

ArtStation - 2D works during the period 2013-2016

Magdalena Radziej a. Harpiya, is a concept artist and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. She is currently working as a Concept Artist for game production company, Flying Wild Hog.

Assassin's Creed - Another Tale by ChaoyuanXu on deviantART

Japanese Assassin's Creed

I actually wanna go back and play all of the Assassin Creed games consecutively because I never did that in the first place.

How come your mom lets you have two kukris? // Isa - infinity blade iii

A hoodied assassin, dual weilding dagger enemies with the weapons and the mask. showing skill within the character. Also the hood shadows the mask making it more menacing to look at striking fear.


Derrick - Once Upon An Assassin - Finding Gold Book Three Inspiration. Perfect outfit for a medieval assassin --------could be a ranger from rangers apprentice

Guerreira futurista?

Haven Suit by Seed Destiny (female ninja fighter, assassin, thief, rogue sniper, and soldier) Cosplay Costume


"Will you submit to your fate, evil bearer?" His hooded figure seemed to shadow the whole room. There was no escape, this was the end.