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Uta's so adorable omg

Uta's so adorable omg-the end scene of some tokyo ghoul episode I remember this end scene

Tokyo Ghoul

-Kaneki Ken, Uta and Kirishima Ayato -Tokyo Ghoul "Everbody has their other half that lurks within their soul"

He should have done that (≧∇≦) it would have been great

Nooooo why was it changed and why did Hide have to die …>_<…Anime facts

I got an Uta already as my boyfriend

My standard for men. Sebastian Michaelis ( Black Butler), Usui Takumi ( Kaichou wa Maid Sama), and Uta ( Tokyo Ghoul).yep, I'm gonna die alone.

Arkansas Teen is secretly Kaneki Ken

Arkansas Teen is secretly Kaneki Ken <--- .Somebody, if you can, go find and watch the "Night Gallery" episode "The Caterpillar.