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we-are-rogue: “ sanguine by Sunny Yun “ “When thunder clouds start pouring down Light a fire they can’t put out!” After all troubles, he’s still optimistic : ) He said, “One day you’ll leave this.

My personal Vision as Kylar would look like. Kylar is the maincharacter of Brent Weeks' "The Night Angel Trilogy" Including Stuff: Body (Witcher), . Kylar Stern and the Black Ka'kari

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No idea what he's gearing up for, though. XD

Sumerian Estence is a scavenger type who likes to tinker, owns a company called sCRAP, and will see a business oppurtunity in anything. He is the guy to go to if you want hard to find ship parts, gun parts, or parts in general.

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Good news RPG fans! inXile entertainment launches a new Kickstarter campaign to fund The Bard's Tale IV.

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S/O to this stupid stomach bug for completely ruining the day I had plannec