#Kandinsky with cat Vas'ka in Sévres, 1906 http://www.wassilykandinsky.net/photo-54.php

Wassily Kandinsky with his cat. I think I want to do a series of paintings of my artist friends with their cats/pets.

Artist Wassily Kandinsky  ~Repinned Via relli andrea http://engrammi.blogspot.it/2012/02/foto-di-artisti-e-dei-loro-studi.html

Kandinsky in his studio. - "The artist must have something to say, mastery over form is not his goal but adaption of form to its inner meaning." On the Spiritual In Art”, Wassily Kandinsky, 1912

Auguste Rodin (Francês: 1840 — 1917) Apesar de ser geralmente considerado o progenitor da escultura moderna, ele não se rebelou contra o passado e teve o artesanato como abordagem ao seu trabalho / Rodin, 1862

Auguste Rodin, Paris, ca 1862 [ab. Rodin was the sculptor who created "The Thinker". Photo by Charles Hippolyte Aubry

A comprehensive resource for information about Wassily Kandinsky paintings, biography, and quotes.

Wassily Kandinsky, Dresden, 1933 -by Hugo Erfurth. “All methods are sacred if they are internally necessary. All methods are sins if they are not justified by internal necessity.

Dali... Amazing

Salvador Dalí posing naked female models to form a human skull entitled “In Voluptas Mors” – photograph by Philippe Halsman 1951

"Non rinuncio a niente. Semplicemente faccio ciò che posso perché le cose rinuncino a me"   #Cortazar100

Julio Cortazar - Julio Cortázar was an Argentine novelist, short story writer, and essayist. Known as one of the founders of the Latin American Boom, Cortázar influenced an entire generation of Spanish-speaking readers and writers in the Americas a

Paul Gauguin, yes this is the French Post-impressionist painter

The artist painter Paul Gauguin playing the harmonium in Alfons Mucha’s studio at rue de la Grande-Chaumière, Paris , 1895 by Alfons Mucha gauguin mucha mucha instrument piano

there's a cat in his beard.  amazing.  Louis Coulon, his 11 Foot Beard and Cat. France, 1904.

Cat in His Beard Bearded Man with Kitten Old Man Unusual Long Beard Funny Fancy Hat Charming Weird Eccentric Vintage Photography Photo Print