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Shadowrun • Boîte d'initiation + Run faster (Black Book Éditions) • Black Book Editions

Har'lea'quinn – The shadowy figure that apparently pulling all the strings from the Original Shadowrun game for Sega Genesis.

Mago Gnomo

m Gnome Wizard Fighter multi-class Leather Magic Book Sword Sickle Hand Crossbow Sword gnomo d&d

Prêtresse humaine

f Sorcerer Robes Crossbow Lamp Dagger hilvl Castle Basi Rivani the Psychic epicroll: Meet the newest Pathfinder iconic, Rivani the Psychic!

the art of Eric Belisle

"The art of Eric Belisle, an available freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Tokyo.


Mountain elves Living at high altitudes, mountain elves need less oxygen than most creatures. They are very resistant to even the most severe cold and reinforced bones give them protection against falls as well as giving them enhanced strength.