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Love can be many things. For some it is best expressed as a feeling of childlike happiness. Love is pure and love is free. Tiffany Jones perfectly captured

Young Love Elopement

Maybe instead of that large white frame of flowers, something this size or a little larger could be an alternative? - in white- and filled with colorful flowers as part of the guest table backdrop? This would then be an alternative to the green/flower wa

Mini Paper Rose Framed Artwork. For more ideas, inspiration and free printable visit http://www.liagriffith.com

Mini Paper Rose Framed Artwork

Make your own artwork with this paper rose pattern. These paper roses are perfect for Valentine's Day or Wedding decor.

Watch how to make your own 3D floral wall art with this easy DIY tutorial

Make Floral Art 3 Ways - use something easy to open or remove to secure stems to the back of the canvas so the flowers can be changed seasonally

Best Wedding Themes & Reception Ideas (BridesMagazine.co.uk)

Best Wedding Themes & Reception Ideas (BridesMagazine.co.uk)

Cheap Bedroom Decor Ideas: DIY Light-Up Flower Frame... - http://centophobe.com/cheap-bedroom-decor-ideas-diy-light-up-flower-frame/ -

DIY Light-Up Flower Frame Backdrop. This minimalist DIY floral works of art. This project will look stunning displayed in teengirls' room.

Earlier this year I posted about the vintage botanical prints trend. The botanical trend continues to grow. More and more I see green being used in interiors. Especially larger plants (such as the Monstera) are highly decorative. Those without green thumbs can opt for botanical art work such as the beautiful prints from My Deer Art Shop (images 2 and 5). And on Etsy you can find antique prints such as this botanical print set.


This DIY leaf backdrop is a new take on the tropical leaf trend, and we're loving it!