(Caleana Major)

My favorite flower is the Orchid. Look at this beautiful Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) from Australia. The Flying Duck Orchid attracts male sawflies for[.

The beautiful Monkey Orchid is extremely rare, beautiful and precious. It is found in Ecuador, South America

The Enchanting Dracula Orchid looks like a monkey :: Dracula venefica; Flowers Winter to Spring producing blooms, successively. Found in Colombia.

SEMENTES - Abrus precatorius  em: flickr.com

One of the most deadly plant toxins, abrin, is produced by rosary pea (Abrus precatorius). As little as of toxin per body weight will cause fatality in humans (a single seed). Birds appear to be unaffected by the deadly toxin.

Looks like a bee

The botanist's guide to the sexiest plants of the world

To trick or deceive.Day (October *This is a bee orchid, which resembles the back of a female bee in order to lure male bees to land and unintentionally pollinate the orchid.



Drácula Simia, una orquídea con singulares flores que provienen del sureste de Ecuador y de los bosques peruanos, donde florecen durante todo el año en elevaciones de 2.000 metros de altura.

The rare and mysterious Grinning Monkey Orchid. How I wish I had these monkey,s ! They would sit next to the other monkey plants.


༻❁༺ ❤️ ༻❁༺ Bee Orchid (Fly Orchid) This is a hybrid between Ophrys Apifera and Ophrys Insectifera.

Stunning colour-coordinated Orchid:):)

Catasetum moorei C. 50 Heterotypic Synonyms: Catasetum lanxiforme Senghas, Or.

Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight

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Black Orchids - Cymbidium Kiwi Midnight 'Geyserland' I love love love "black" flowers