Using spray foam to make custom storage foam - interesting - could be great for shipping fragile things too

How To: Form-Fitting Drawer-Liners from T-Shirts and Canned Foam

Form-Fitting Case-, Drawer-Liners From Old T-Shirts, Canned Foam. Could work with other tools.

Door Painting Jig - Finishing Tips and Techniques |

Painting Jig - Door Construction Techniques Finishing and Decoration Tips and Techniques

Go follow @rusticgroveworkshop Custom Kreg Jig Work Station with two storage drawers and a carrying handle.

This makes pocket holes a lot easier with a bigger surface as well as keeping all the Kreg products together!

Battery Storage/Dispenser Unit

The batteries in the TV remote went out and I had to find two AA’s to get back online. Ya, I store my batteries in the same place you do.

For pencils - but could easily be files etc  of paper and things: palo samko.

Handy pencil drawer for workbench. Nice alternative to tucking them in my ponytail holder.

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Cut legs A & rails B, C to size. Cut hand hole & mortises for hinges in back rail. Cut half lap joints in legs & rails. Lay assembly on bench & clamp swing-leg assemblies on top in open position. Make sure top edges & outside faces of swing-leg rails

Berry picker made from pvc pipe - what a great idea, the berry rolls through the tube into a bag at the other end.

DIY Berry Picker: This berry picker is made out of PVC pipe. Heat is used to shape the plastic. Two "fingers" at the working end do the picking. The berry then falls through the pipe and lands in a plastic bag tied to the other end.

Barrel Vise Press by rbertalotto -- Homemade barrel vise press powered by a 6-ton hydraulic jack and mounted to an angle iron frame.

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turn your backyard grill into a miter stand

Smart Idea: Turn a Barbecue Cart Into a Miter Saw Stand - tutorial…