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welcome to night vale cecil

Cecil Palmer, Cecil Baldwin does the voice. People always refer to the character as Cecil Baldwin, but Cecil Baldwin does the voice, the actual character is Cecil PALMER

Keith is Gay : Photo

I laughed so hard at this- my fellow band-mates were singing the Jurassic Park theme the whole night. And now, to have it with Night Vale? It certainly helps me get over the Kevin feels anyway. I mean that Triptych episode though UGH!

Welcome to Night Vale - Cecil

"did this for the SHUSH art swap. xku requested her headcanon for cecil from nightvale - I'd never heard of it before that, and now I'm totally into it (but not fully caught up! no spoilers!) anyway, enjoy~" -message from the artist

Welcome to Night Vale Cecil

A pretty accurate depiction of Cecil's reaction to other night vale characters.