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Here's another inspiring earthbag construction for fans of natural homes out there! The Shantikuthi Earthbag Spiral House is called such because its walls were built in a spiral pattern. Its roof also has a spiral garden where visitors can harvest seeds

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This is a 9 step guide to building a straw bale roundhouse with a reciprocal green roof.

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hobbit style home, complete with sod roof ~ low impact woodland home, excellent south-facing passive solar greenhouse and earth sheltering thermal mass. The interior is perfectly charming!

L'architecte américain Nader Khalili est à l'origine du Cal-Earth Institute (California Institute of Earth, Art and Architecture créé en 1991 dans le désert de Mojave,en Californie) qui concilie des objectifs humanitaire et écologique. Khalili, soucieux du sort du milliard de sans-abris, propose de leur construire un abri à base de sable et terre.

The Sandbag shelters of Nader Khalili, what a fantastic architecture. I consider these a rather modern architecture, besides using natural elements also solves the problem of housing.

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Tronchi di legno in giardino? Prendi spunto da queste fantastiche idee!!!!

Earthbag Homes Cheap and Easy to Build!

Earthbag Homes Cheap and Easy to Build!--now that would make a fun playhouse.