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#culturacontralacrisis: Oskar Schlemmer – Ballet Triádico

Oskar Schlemmer's Das Triadische Ballet from 1922 is so weirdly wonderful. The ballet became the most widely performed avant-garde artistic dance and while Schlemmer was at the Bauhaus from 1921 to 19

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"The Hornet", ladies costume. Illustration appearing in the book, "Fancy Dresses Described: or, What To Wear At Fancy Balls". Authored by: Ardern Holt, (Fifth Edition).

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Irenebrination: Notes on Architecture, Art, Fashion, Fashion Law & Technology

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Guiron aka Attack of the Monsters. Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi pulp flying train airship steampunk dieselpunk alien aliens martian martians BEMs BEM's

Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico’s costume designs and stage settings for Diaghilev’s Le Bal Ballet Russes

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bauhaus-movement: “Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadisches Ballet (Triadic Ballet) of 1922 was a dance in three parts whose geometrically choreographed participants moved in relation to a trinity of costume,.

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The School of Bauhaus/ Oskar SCHLEMMER Das Triadische ballett- Bauhaus Academy of the Arts, Berlin, Wire Costume

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French photographer Charles Fréger captures the spirit of what he calls “tribal Europe” in his “Wilder Mann” series : a huge array of pagan rituals, mainly related to the winter solstice and spring renewal


Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaus costume parties With “Life at the Bauhaus” by Farkas Molnár Image: Bauhaus costumes by Oskar Schlemmer

Conformismo s.m.:atitude ou tendência de se aceitar uma situação incômoda ou desfavorável sem questionamento nem luta; resignação, passividade. pejorativo: tendência ou atitude de se acatar passivamente o modo de agir e de pensar da maioria do grupo em que se vive.

These two photographs are by the Dutch photographer, Koen Hauser. I really like the lady with the slinky head.

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- Retro Futurism - Vintage Sci Fi - Robot - on Space Ship with ray gun