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Black and White Photography

long exposure photography black and white - This image shows the sense of movement and I pined mostly for the independant unit and to have an idea how to create an image for the moving object theme

I have no idea the source or the subject of this photograph, but it's beautiful in every way.

Jessie] I laugh as I blow the smoke out. I started smoking weed again. Wasn't the best idea but it was helping.

Whisp is the child of Sylph and mortal, as such is of two worlds.

Smoke Art by Mehmet Ozgur

Mehmet Ozgur‘s “Smoke Art” is some pretty awesome stuff. Looking at these incredible images, you might wonder – drawings?

So much i want scream thats burning inside me. This pain that i could tell but nobody would truly understand my demons

When u cry silently with tears dropping from ur eyez and rollin down ur cheeks.but there is dead silence in room.