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They look great in a bouquet with zero flowers. | 23 Reasons Succulents Are The King Of All Wedding Flowers

23 Wedding Succulents That Will Make You Forget About All Other Flowers

The deep reds and hints of other colors are amazing

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Succulent bouquet....love it!

Succulent Bouquet by bloomingbrides. Perfect for a Southern California bride. I'm fairly certain everything in this bouquet could be found in my parents backyard Wedding ideas

Beautiful succulent wedding bouquet for a modern foliage wedding.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Verts divers belles et les bleus et les même profondément aubergine echiveria succulentes, accentués par des oeillets minis blancs frais. Forte et superbe ! Ceci doit être réservé à lavance parce que les plantes succulentes foncés peuvent être difficiles à trouver. Nous pouvons toujours obtenir chanceux, mais il vaut mieux être sûr. Tarification par arrangement :  Bouquet de mariée 195 $  Bouquets de demoiselle dhonneur $75/ea  Boutonnières $15/ea  Corsages $25/ea  Pièces maîtresses $35/ea…

Beautiful varying greens and blues and even deep eggplant echiveria succulents, accented by fresh white mini carnations. Sharp and stunning! This needs to be booked well in advance because the dark succulents can be hard to come by. We can always get luck

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They look awesome as boutonnieres. | 23 Reasons Succulents Are The King Of All Wedding Flowers

They look awesome as boutonnieres.

glass terrarium wedding centerpiece with cactus and succulents

Cactus Wedding Centerpieces