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Gargoyle Wand-Teelichthalter - Figur Statue Gothic Fantasy Drache

This menacing gargoyle looks deep into the candle he holds in his clawed hand. The wall hanging is designed like a wall sconce with a gargoyle perched above and looking for his foes. This gargoyle has

I should note that these bigger statues, as the "gargoyles" from the eponymously titled 90's cartoon, are grotesques.  Gargoyles, as root association with "gargle" hints, spout water; one can be seen center left, at the appropriate level.

Gargoyle Night Watch Photograph by Matthew Green - Gargoyle Night Watch Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale.

Notre Dame Paris,  as often as I have been there, I have never ever seen the cathedral without some sort of scaffolding around it,  one of these days!

Griffins- Like gargoyles and grotesques, but look like a lions rear with tail and eagle wings or the reverse.

Gargoyle Drawings | WANDLEUCHTER GARGOYLE - FA32 - Palazzo Int

Gargoyle Drawings | WANDLEUCHTER GARGOYLE - FA32 - Palazzo Int

The gargoyles in The Beautiful & the Cursed have slightly different rules, but the essence is the same. Love gargoyles!

Actually, gargoyles are spouts that are placed to drain water off buildings. The free standing statues most refer to as gargoyles are actually called grotesques.