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Rainwater HOG is a multi-award-winning water storage tank that works like a water-filled building block. HOGs can connect together and store water.

Rectangular food-grade plastic tanks connect for large or small volumes of rainwater and grey water collection and reuse

rainwater harvesting with modular horizontal and vertical rainwater storage cisterns barrels are all replaced with this award-winning rain storage system that harvests rainwater for reuse on the garden and in the home.  Functional, long-lasting HOGs

Claim Your Rainwater . ingenious way to use rainwater storage for your garden: the rainwater HOG under a deck with a drip line .

Solar Heater Diagram. How to build one at Mother Earth News http://www.motherearthnews.com/Renewable-Energy/2006-12-01/Build-a-Simple-Solar-Heater.aspx#axzz2N6tYtYto

Build a Simple Solar Air Heater - Renewable Energy

Solar Heater Diagram - The Trombe Wall. How to build one at Mother Earth News

Thinking about living off the grid? This post explains how we went about selecting our solar electric system, considering factors such as cost of a photovoltaic system, and how much energy we use on a daily basis. | Homestead Honey

Selecting a Solar Electric System for our Homestead

Thinking about living off the grid? Here's how we selected a solar electric system, considering cost of a photovoltaic system and energy use.

solar shingles

Discreet Solar Power For Your Roof

Does it really work? Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles could have you hugging trees. the panels look like standard asphalt shingles—and they can be installed without any specialized knowledge.

The best rainwater system I've seen   yet!

Here's another rainwater system. This rain water, and tuck them out of the way under an overhang in the back yard! Love this.