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The 'safely' edible mushroom Flammulina velutipes, or Velvet Foot/Shank - must have no stem ring, has white spore print

Beautiful Autumn Mushroom, Cystoderma Fallax ~ By Javier  Fuentes

Beautiful Autumn Mushroom, Cystoderma Fallax ~ By Javier Fuentes

Obra de arte da natureza!

Crinoline Stinkhorn - Phallus indusiatus - This edible mushroom is of the family Phallaceae.

Cyathus Striatus, commonly known as the Fluted Bird's Nest ~ By Francis Bossé

Cyathus Striatus, birds build a nest out of it and lay their eggs inside of it!

Caloscypha fulgens 4 saves (960×960)

Caloscypha fulgens 4 saves (960×960)

Amanita Vaginata | da tormento&estasi

Amanita Vaginata, also known as the Grisette, is an edible mushroom in the Amanitaceae family of fungi ~ By Stefano Vianello This looks weird but I really like it.

fly agaric

They look so cute before a slug finds them. Over the next few days this will expand to form the traditional red and white fungus. Modified by CombineZP