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koralovec ježovitý  Hericium erinaceus

koralovec ježovitý Hericium erinaceus

The Penny Bun mushroom represents the wild mushroom par excellence. It was given the appropriate nickname 'Penny Bun' because of it's well-baked colour and round shape. Whole caps are excellent grilled!

the flower that is call the old mans beard after it turns to seed? - Google Search

Image - Photo of Bearded Tooth mushroom (Hericium erinaceus)

Purchawka chropowata (Lycoperdon perlatum) ejecting spores More known as Puffball mushroom - step on one of these and dust will shoot out every single step


Orange Peel Fungus (Aleuria aurantia) by Borden Creek off of Chilliwack Lake Road in British Columbia. ~by leilaht on flicker

"Daedalea quercina (Oak Mazegill Fungus) Photo by ganglion on Flickr - ronbeckdesigns."

"Daedalea quercina (oak mazegill fungus)" - grown on the sides of giant Hadar trees

Stunning Slime Mold! Fungi-like organisms that use spores to reproduce, numbering about 1,000 species. Many of them are incredibly beautiful!

Though this looks a bit like the fungi before it, this slime mold is actually a completely different life form; one of about nine on earth, as different as animal and plant.

(Stropharia Aeruginosa) commonly known as the Verdigris Agaric - Woodland Mushroom, England

Fungi / Mushrooms - (Stropharia Aeruginosa) commonly known as the Verdigris Agaric - Woodland Mushroom, England

The Mushroom Forest by ~PhotuBug

The Mushroom Forest by PhotuBug on deviantART


deliciousdimension: “ Hericium is a genus of edible mushrooms in the Hericiaceae family. Species in this genus are white and fleshy and grow on dead or dying wood; fruiting bodies resemble a mass of fragile icicle-like spines that are suspended from.

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Bükk Mountains (Hungary) - Mushroom metropolis (Coprinus disseminatus) by ?